Macropus Hominidae gene splicing.

In 1970, AUDIT (The Australian Defence Initiative) succeeded in achieving the impossible.

Created as a top secret subsidiary of dubious purpose by the Department of Defence, AUDIT had long sought the answer to creating the ultimate super-soldier. They found it in the Macropus rufus… the humble red kangaroo.

Genetically manipulated to utilise its speed, strength and ferocity, the specimen which would come to be known affectionately as ‘Rufus’ showed outstanding promise. Five years they had put into creating the perfect killing machine, raising the artificially raised Joey to young adulthood – five years lost in the blink of an eye.

Fearing for the future of his ward, Doctor Emil Chotsky had sought to release the Roo which had so long been developed under his watchful eye. Losing his life in the process, Dr. Chotsky set Rufus free into a world far bigger than he could have known and far scarier than he ever could have imagined.

Lost, alone and on the brink of death, Rufus was found and taken in by Les Willangga and his boys near the Watarrka National Park. There, Rufus was healed and shown compassion, care and love. He was accepted as part of a family and taught how to communicate, even if only in broken sentences. Rufus had never known kindness like it.

Les taught Rufus how to harness his more savage nature and calmed the wild animal that threatened to consume him. Taught to hunt, to fish, to honour the land; to care for himself and for others, Rufus, for the first time, had found peace.

Unfortunately, this haven was short lived as parties interested in the Willangga land sent agents; bikers to kill the family, causing Rufus’ true nature to again reveal itself. Enraged at the violence and senseless slaughter of his adopted family, Rufus turned on the attackers, wiping the majority of the gang out with breathtaking and shocking ferocity.

Alone again, Rufus left with his adopted brother, Jeb and the remaining members of the biker gang, their loyalties turned in the face of the newly dubbed ‘Killeroo.’

They would follow him until the end.

On the run from AUDIT, the military and a world certain not to accept his kind, Rufus kept to the highway, taking in new members along the way and forming the outlaw gang, The Outback Warriors. Caught in the midst of the infamous, ‘GANGWARS’ of the mid-70’s Rufus and his boys became urban myths.

Through battle after bloodied battle with rival gangs, the Warriors became legendary in their own right. Through oft told tales of savagery and nobility; honour and violence, the name of the ‘Killeroo’ was heard again and again.

It was a name spoken in fear and awe.

The Killeroo. A whisper. A myth.
A legend.

Little did anyone know that his legend was just beginning.