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A new webcomic, a Patreon account and an award are the highlights for this month!



I had been thinking about launching a Patreon account for quite some time, and keeping an eye on some of the early adopters of this new crowdfunding platform. But I didn’t want to join in until I had a good product and plan to make it work for Killeroo fans.

And now I do, and it’s the launch of a new webcomic: KILLEROO: THE HUNTED – and for the first time, written AND drawn by myself! A new page will be published every week!

This story picks up directly after the events of TOWNSHIP MINE, the serialised story from Melbourne Comics Quarterly and soon to be published as a special edition one-shot.

There are a number of perks available from the Patreon account, including a sneak peek at pages in progress, a Process Blog with sketches and more, as well as other goodies including exclusive variant comic books and video tutorials!

You can become a Patron at the link below:



It’s running a bit late, but the 4th issue of MCQ will be out next month, containing the final part of TOWNSHIP MINE by myself and Adam Rose. It has a pretty big cliffhanger ending that will change the character forever, so you won’t want to miss it!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out MCQ yet, you can pick up the first two issues here:



Last year’s STRUGGLE mini-comic has been very well received, and even won the 2015 BEST AUSTRALIAN ORIGINAL COMIC BOOK by ComicOz, the makers of the excellent anthology book OI OI OI (available in newsagents now!). I’m pretty chuffed (and amazed), as there was an awful lot of amazing comics made last year!

But another reason why I enjoyed the ‘read’ as it was slowly page by page, posted on Facebook earlier in the year, is because the story took on a life of its own. It began to take on a darker tone, when Darren decided to move the story to a different place and put it all on display for the public to view and witness. He told of the struggle of a creator (himself), with all the doubts, the self-loathing, and the personal space from within his psyche. Darren told a tale that so many writers and artists experience but few share, and he told it with such brutal candour and honesty. It was a powerful and positive read, and made me think when I had finished re-reading the physical copy: “That is why I read comics!”

– Nat Karmichael

You can read the full writeup at the link below:


That’s about it for now. For all the latest news, the best place is the Killeroo facebook page, or if you’re on twitter, check us out at

Hooroo for now!


Darren Close

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