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ROO NEWS – JULY 2015 |


Some new developments to report this month!


Not only am I heading up north for SUGAR CITY CON (alongside Becky Cloonan, no less!) in Mackay at the end of August, I’m also heading to Cairns next weekend for TROPICON too!

These smaller, regional events are really what excites me more than the big, established conventions – because it’s an opportunity to reach folks that don’t normally get to experience pop culture events like this. There’s also much less competition, and a stronger focus on just comic books, rather than tv and movie celebrities.

To celebrate these two events, I’m putting together a couple of limited edition prints, featuring Killeroo making the trip up north. The artwork was only just completed today, and is in the hands of the talented colorist of the WINTER CITY comic books, David Aravena.

For now though, here’s the original inks for these two prints.



Melbourne Comics Quarterly #2MELBOURNE COMICS QUARTERLY (MCQ)
Since the last update there’s already been a second issue of MCQ – starting a new Killeroo story drawn by Adam Rose, as well as a spectacular cover by Sebastian Ciaffaglione (right). TOWNSHIP MINE looks at the conflict between outback original towns and the mining companies that want to take them over.

And the next issue is just around the corner two, featuring part two of the same story, so keep an eye out for that one in the next month!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out MCQ yet, you can pick up the first two issues here:


The annual 24hr Comic Challenege happened recently, and I dove in to draw the first sequential story I’ve done in years. It features Killeroo, becoming the manifestation of my inner demons and looks at depression and the nasty things we say to ourselves to keep us down and afraid. It gets pretty dark, but was also quite a liberating experience – putting it all out there on front street.

It was pretty well received too, so I’m pretty chuffed! 🙂

You can read the story here for free:
Or you can buy a copy of the limited edition comic here:


This project has been put on the backburner for a while, but now that I’m back in sequential mode, those remaining stories will be drawn over the next few months so that finally, the 250+ pages of Gangwars Goodness can finally see the light of day! More info in the next update.


That’s about it for now. For all the latest news, the best place is the Killeroo facebook page, or if you’re on twitter, check us out at

Hooroo for now!


Darren Close

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