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Melbourne Comics Quarterly #1Killeroo is part of a new quarterly book that showcases locally produced comics. It’s the brainchild of VELOCITY publisher Neville Howard, and will contain serialised versions of comics like FROM ABOVE, THAT BULLETPROOF KID and FALLING STAR, as well as new content including POKI THE RABBIT AND KILLEROO.

The first issue has just launched over the Australia Day weekend, and includes an exclusive Rufus story written by Paul Bedford (THE LIST), and art by Sid Lien with colours by Matty Taylor. It’s a story I’ve wanted to publish for a few years, but never really had the right spot for it.

The second issue will begin a new Killeroo story, written by myself and featuring art by THE CRAYFISH’ Adam Rose. This story will run for 3 issues of MCQ in serialised form, and looks at the corruption of government and mining conglomerates and their impact on remote aboriginal communities. I’m excited to be collaborating with Sebastian Ciaffaglione on the cover right now!


One of the things holding back this anthology has been one of the key early stories not being drawn yet, a 16-pager that really establishes Rufus’ crew and setting the scene for the rest of the book. I’m pleased to now be collaborating with Sarah Murray on this one now, who is putting the planned GENESIS project to one side for the moment to help get GANGWARS done. Bless her little cotton socks!


I’m pleased to announce I’ll be attending SUGAR CITY CON on the 29th & 30th August 2015 at the Mackay Showgrounds. I’ve never been there before, but after all the great feedback I’ve heard from last year’s event, it should be a blast!

No other conventions are booked in at this stage.


That’s about it for now. For all the latest news, the best place is the Killeroo facebook page, or if you’re on twitter, check us out at

Hooroo for now!


Darren Close

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